Trump Transition & Legalization: Your Talking Points

This past election season prompted the coining of a new phrase; post-truth politics. Our current political culture is framed largely by appeals to emotion, disconnected from the details of policy and it's relative real-world impact. 

Considering this landscape, it's important to arm yourself with facts that will be helpful in conversations within our community this month, and in our homes this holiday season.

In that spirit, I wanted to share this discussion from The Cannabist with Brian Vicente of Vicente Sederberg, a team of marijuana policy visionaries and trailblazers. 

We are so grateful to the top notch legal team at VS for leading the way towards building the type of coalition we need now, more than ever. Your team has always been there to support us through our highs (heh) and lows. 

Please share, tweet, shout from mountain tops.

In your corner,