The Many Forms of Motherhood

On this Mother’s Day, I am thinking about all of the women in my life. Because whether we are growing children or businesses, it’s our maternal instincts that set us apart.

Two of the strongest mentors I have are women without biological children. They pour their energy into their business, they birth new ideas and nurture their teams, they lead with an authentic feminine energy that inspires me. They are the mama bears of their tribes.

The women around me are creating transparent, supportive business environments that foster the development of their team’s skills. They are building encouraging company cultures that are more reminiscent of families than corporations. They maintain spaces where cooperation is more crucial than competition and they can watch their teams bloom and thrive. This builds a family of confident collaborators who have each other’s backs.

These women leverage their strength to empower, not control. They apply their keen intuition to read the business landscape and cultivate crucial relationships.  

Here’s to the mothers in each of us and the families we are building, whether biological or business.